Community Challenges

Here are some of the challenges the community took up to be more sustainable in their everyday life.

Challenge #1

To open packets (milk, biscuits or any consumable that comes in plastic packaging) such a way that cut piece still remains attached to the rest of the packet.

But why? And does it really help?

1) Chances are smaller pieces will not be picked for recycling. So, in order to increase the chances of it being recycling, it’s better to leave it attached to the bigger packet.

2) Smaller pieces more easily make it’s way to grazing animals or oceans and breakdown to become micro-plastics that are mistaken to be food by fishes. These fishes enter our food chain at various levels.

This can be prevented, just by cutting open your packets differently.

Challenge #2

What’s your favourite snack? Is it packaged sustainably? On your next visit to local supermarket, share your favourite snack at home that’s marked with recyclable symbol ♻️. 

Most are not, which means they are single use plastic and not recyclable. Is yours recyclable? Share a picture 📸

Easily recyclable types: 1️⃣ and 2️⃣
Sometimes recyclable: 4️⃣ and 5️⃣
Almost never recyclable: 3️⃣, 6️⃣ and 7️⃣

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